Beginners Series with Catie Coon at JAIA Yoga

January 2017 Beginners Series with Catie Coon



Starting January 7th & will be held each Saturday in January from 2-4:30pm


This 4 week beginners series will compassionately, effectively and safely introduce you to the fundamentals practices of yoga.


Have you been interested in beginning the practice of yoga? Yet, felt intimidated by the fancy postures you see on magazines or have you been practicing yoga for some time now in classrooms and craving more individual instruction on how to do the postures?


If so, this 4 week series is for you!!! 


Yoga is for every-body. And we all have bio -individuality. We all carry different histories, injuries and genetic make ups in our bodies and energies. This series will offer you a deeply embodied introduction of how to hold the physical alignment of basic yoga postures & how to breathe deeply so that you may receive the full physical, emotional and energetic fruits of your yoga practice. You will be given the wisdom and experience to move into a yoga class room with confidence in how to navigate your practice in a safe and effective way.


Join Catie Coon as she holds space for you to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a fun, non-judgmental & compassionate environment. Through compassionate witnessing and self-awareness you will be given a strong foundation for a practice that will bless your healing in mind, body and spirit for the rest of your life (if you choose.) In a yoga class, there is nothing to achieve or to accomplish. We simply come back home to the body, come home to the breath, and learn to make peace with the fluctuations of the mind.  Think you're not flexible or strong enough? That's like saying you're too thirsty for a drink of water. A yoga practice will help you gain flexibility and strength. And that's just the beginning.


Statistics and research from well-recognized universities and medical centers have shown that yoga can assist in healing diabetes, chronic pain,

 insomnia, digestive conditions, heart disease and many other common ailments. Yoga has also been proven to strengthen  the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, the immune system & permanently lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Yoga also assists in pain relief, anxiety disorders, depression and helps one cultivate self-love & compassion. 


This series will be instructed in a sequential manner, students will build confidence, strength and stamina while learning breathing techniques, fundamental yoga postures, and relaxation practices.


Week 1: Breath, Body & Energy Awareness; Standing Postures

Week 2: Seated and Supine Postures; Relaxation

Week 3: Vinyasa Flow Yoga ;

Sun Salutations A, B & C 

Week 4: Yoga Philosophy; The Art of Intention and Practice 


The Beginners Yoga Series II continues the in-depth practice and study of the Beginners Yoga Series. This 4-week workshop will introduce the practitioner to additional pranayama (breath work) practices, asana (yoga postures) & sequences, and meditation techniques. Designed specifically for students who have completed the BYS at hOMe, and open to any interested practitioner as a means to deepen and broaden the practice of yoga.


*Cost $150 for the entire course. 

*Early bird special $108 until December 8th

*Refunds will only be issued until December 18th

*Space is limited to 20 students, sign up soon to reserve your spot.